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101 Money Affirmations For Guaranteed Wealth and Abundance  

money affirmations

Did you know some of the wealthiest people on earth use money affirmations?

Money affirmations can be powerful on your journey to accumulating wealth and reaching financial freedom. 

You are worthy and deserve financial comfort from money. 

But before you read these 101 money affirmations I want to dispel the myth that if you simply say and repeat these affirmations you will become wealthy.

This is not true! actions need to be taken!

We will delve deeper into this later…

Money affirmations:

  1. I embrace limitless opportunities for achieving financial success.
  1. I manage my finances with skill and precision.
  1. My thoughts about money are always positive and empowering.
  1. I wisely spend money on things that give me joy and fulfilment.
  1. I believe in the abundance mindset knowing there is enough for everyone.
  1. My mindset towards money is optimistic and empowering.
  1. My capacity to hold and expand money grows with every passing day.
  1. Every day I am moving closer to financial freedom.
  1. My wealth is a reflection of my positive contribution to the world.
  1. I attract wealth with ease and joy.
  1. I am grateful for the lessons financial challenges have taught me.
  1. My financial goals are attainable and well within my reach.
  1. I am resourceful and find ways to increase my income. 
  1. My financial potential is limitless and I am constantly expanding it.
  1. I am patient and persistent in my pursuit of financial abundance.
  1. Money is a positive force that allows me to pursue my dreams and goals.
money affirmations
  1. I attract lucrative opportunities that lead to financial growth.
  1. I am in control of my financial destiny and create abundance.
  1. I am confident in my ability to handle and grow my money.
  1. My bank account is a reflection of my positive mindset towards money.
  1. I am grateful for all the money I have now. 
  1. Money is a powerful force that allows me to make a difference.
  1. I deserve to make more money.
  1. There are no limits to what I can and will achieve.
  1. I always have enough money.
  1. Money comes to me in expected and unexpected ways.
  1. I am open to receiving money.
  1. Money flows to me easily allowing me to live a fulfilling life.
  1. I am debt free because I have money constantly flowing into my life.
  1. I manage my finances wisely and attract prosperity.
  1. I release any fear or resistance around money and embrace abundance.
  1. Money is a tool that supports my personal and financial goals. 
  1. I believe in my ability to create wealth and financial security.

Wealth affirmations:

  1. I attract wealth effortlessly into my life.
  1. Wealth flows to me abundantly and consistently.
  1. My mindset is aligned with the abundance of wealth.
  1. I am worthy of experiencing great wealth and prosperity.
  1. My actions and decisions create a path to wealth and financial freedom.
  1. I release any limiting beliefs about wealth and embrace abundance.
  1. My wealth mindset attracts lucrative opportunities effortlessly.
  1. Every day, I move closer to my ultimate state of wealth and prosperity.
  1. I am grateful for the wealth that enriches every aspect of my being. 
  1. I am a magnet for wealth and success in all aspects of my life.
  1. Wealth is a natural expression of my inner potential and creativity.
  1. As I grow in wealth, I also contribute to the wealth of others. 
  1. Wealth is a natural expression of my inner strength and resilience. 
  1. I am a channel of wealth, creating prosperity for myself and others.
  1. My wealth mindset allows me to navigate challenges and turn them into opportunities.
  1. Wealth is a tool that empowers me to live a purposeful and meaningful life.
money affirmations
  1. I am a wealth creator, and I manifest abundance in all aspects of my life.
  1. I release any fear of lack and trust in the abundance of wealth.
  1. Every day, I take inspired actions that lead me to wealth. 
  1. I attract wealth by staying focused on my goals and aspirations.
  1. Wealth is not just money; it’s the abundance of love, Joy and fulfilment.
  1. Wealth is a tool that allows me to make a powerful impact on the world. 
  1. I am deserving of wealth and success, and I claim it unapologetically.
  1. Wealth flows to me like a river, nurturing my life and aspirations.
  1. Each day, I celebrate and appreciate the wealth that surrounds me. 
  1. I embrace wealth and financial abundance with open arms. 
  1. I am a wealth magnet, attracting prosperity effortlessly and joyfully. 
  1. I am grateful for the comfort and security that wealth brings into my life.
  1. Wealth is a natural expression of my dedication and hard work.
  1. I welcome wealth into my life with an open heart and mind.
  1. I attract opportunities that lead to financial growth and prosperity.
  1. I am deserving of wealth and accept it with humility and grace.
  1. I radiate positive energy, attesting wealth and prosperity to me. 
  1. I am open to receiving unexpected gifts of wealth and abundance.

Abundance affirmations:

  1. Abundance flows into my life as I work towards my goals.
  1. I attract abundance by staying focused on my goals and aspirations.
  1. I am a Channel 4 abundance to flow into my life, bringing wealth and prosperity.
  1. Every goal I achieve brings me closer to financial freedom and abundance.
  1. I see opportunities for abundance in every step of my wealth-building journey.
  1. I release any fears of lack and trust in the infinite abundance of the universe.
  1. Abundance is not just about money it includes fulfilment and success in all areas.
  1. I am deserving of abundance and financial freedom, and I welcome it with gratitude.
  1. Abundance is a tool that helps me make a positive impact on my financial future.
  1. My actions align with abundance, leading me on a path to wealth and success.
  1. I am grateful for the abundance that accompanies my wealth-building journey.
  1. My abundance mindset leads me to seize opportunities for financial growth.
  1. Abundance is a limitless force that guides me to financial freedom and beyond.
  1. I release any limiting beliefs about abundance, allowing wealth to flow freely.
  1. Abundance is a powerful force that supports my journey to financial freedom.
  1. My belief in abundance powers me to overcome my financial challenges.
money affirmations
  1. I am deserving of abundance, and it materializes in all aspects of my life.
  1. With each milestone I reach, I welcome greater abundance into my life.
  1. I attract abundance by visualizing my successful financial future.
  1. Abundance enables me to make impactful decisions on my wealth path.
  1. My mindset of abundance attracts like-minded individuals who ate my financial success.
  1. I attract abundance by aligning my actions with my financial aspirations.
  1. Abundance is a reflection of the value I bring to my endeavours and investments.
  1. My worthiness is the magnet that attracts abundance into my life.
  1. Abundance is the currency of my dreams, and I am abundant in it.
  1. I release any self-doubt and fully embrace the abundance I am deserving of.
  1. Abundance is my birth right, and I embrace it with open arms as a deserving individual.
  1. I release any struggle around money and welcome abundance into my life.
  1. Struggle transforms into success as I align with my inherent worthiness of abundance.
  1. I am worth the rewards that abundance brings on my financial freedom quest.
  1. Abundance is the driving force that repels me towards my financial goals.
  1. I release any past struggles and embrace the abundance that awaits me.
  1. Abundance flows to me, rewarding my commitment to financial freedom.
  1. With gratitude, I embrace the abundance that accompanies my path to financial freedom.

What are positive money affirmations?

A positive money affirmation is a short positive statement or phrase that you repeat to yourself regularly. 

It is a mindset hack that keeps your goals and aspirations at the forefront of your mind. 

Words such as money, wealth, rich, financial freedom and abundance are regularly used in a positive money affirmation as these are common goals for people.

By working on your goals daily, over time, eventually, your affirmations can become your reality. 

Why are money affirmations useful?

They’re useful because they reframe your mindset and beliefs about money.

By repeating positive statements about wealth and abundance, you can gradually shift your subconscious thoughts and attitudes towards money. 

This process can boost your confidence, increase your motivation and attract positive financial opportunities.

However, as mentioned before, you must take practical actions combined with affirmations to achieve your goals and dreams.

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How do I use affirmations?

To use affirmations effectively you’re going to have to incorporate them into your daily routine. 

Here are some useful steps to follow:

Select relevant affirmations: Not all affirmations align with every person. Choose the right ones for yourself which resonate with you. For example, you’re likely wanting to improve your financial position, so include words like money, wealth and abundance.  

Repetition: Repeat your affirmations daily either verbally or written. This will help to reinforce positive beliefs and keep you motivated.

Visualization: While saying your financial goals visualize yourself achieving your financial goals. Imagine the success and positive outcomes.

Emotional Connection: What are the emotions you’d feel after you’ve achieved your goals? Happiness, comfort, joy? Keep these feelings in mind when repeating your affirmations.

Consistency: To make consistency easier, use your affirmations at a certain time every day. Maybe just before breakfast or before your bedtime. Use the same time every day.

Believe and Trust: You have to wholeheartedly believe in affirmations for them to help. Trust that they will have a positive impact on your financial mindset. 

Combine with Action: Affirmations will not work alone. You must take practical steps towards your goals. Combine these steps with consistent use of affirmations.

How to create your personalized money affirmations.

Ask yourself what you want the most. 

What is the first thing that comes to your head in your dream financial life?

If it’s paying off your mortgage/home loan and being financially free. Then use those words or similar ones within your affirmation.

Example: “I am steadily paying off my mortgage and attaining financial freedom”

Make sure you use present tense words or phrases like I am, My life is, Every day etc. 

Positively frame your affirmation. Instead of “I will stop smoking cigarettes” use a phrase like “I am cutting down on my smoking and will never have the urge for a cigarette again”. Affirm what you want, not what you don’t want. 

Do money affirmations work? 

Yes, for some people affirmations do work. 

It’s all to do with mindset, changing your mindset into a positive one that gives you the inner belief that you can achieve anything. This is the most powerful part of affirmations

I do not believe that there is some mystical power that will work in your favour if you simply repeat affirmations. 

Let’s take a look at some real-life examples:

Famous people who use affirmations.

Oprah Winfrey – growing up in poverty Oprah Winfrey is a real success story. She has stated that without affirmations, she would not have accomplished all that she has. A quote from Oprah “You get in life what you dare to ask for”

Jim Carrey – the actor famously wrote himself a cheque for -10 million dollars. He dated it 10 years in the future for “acting services rendered”. He believed before it had become a reality that he could achieve this goal. 

Denzel Washington – an A-list Hollywood star has accredited affirmations to his skyrocketing success. He got over his drinking problems, overcame his limiting beliefs and made it to the very top of the acting world. 


Do money affirmations work?

Yes, money affirmations do work. By consistently using them within your day-to-day life and taking practical steps towards your goals, affirmations can be a huge motivator.  

What is a good affirmation of money?

A good affirmation for money mentions your desire for money and is written in the present tense.

For example: “Money flows to me effortlessly and I use it wisely to create a positive impact on my life and the lives of others”

How do powerful affirmations attract money?

Powerful affirmations do not attract money on their own. Powerful affirmations have to be coupled with consistent effort towards your goals. 

However, they can:

  • Shift your mindset to replace your limiting beliefs.
  • Enhance self-confidence leading to proactive and assertive action.
  • Align focus making you more attuned to opportunities.
  • Overcome negativity so you do not fear money worries.

How do you write affirmations for money?

First, start by thinking of all the negative thoughts you have about money, then flip them on your head. Instead of “I never have enough money” say “Money comes to me effortlessly”.  

This is a quick and easy way to write affirmations for money. 

Can affirmations make me rich?

No, affirmations alone cannot make you rich.

Yet they’ve made celebrities like Oprah Winfrey, Jim Carrey and Denzel Washington rich. Why?

They all worked extremely hard, they got out of their comfort zone and took opportunities when they came their way. 

Use affirmations the same as the celebrities mentioned have. 

Consistently affirm you will be rich and take proactive steps to reach your goals and one day it is very likely that you will become rich if that is what you desire. 

Final thoughts

I believe that affirmations can help change your money mindset and keep you motivated on your money journey.

Affirmations are a free mindset tool, so there’s no harm in trying this mindset-changing method alongside your daily routines. 

Each one of us has the power to change our future and if you have the self-belief that you can achieve your goals, then you might just surprise yourself. 

Good luck.  

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  1. Loving the affirmations, there are so many and particulary like the way you’ve broken them down into sections of wealth, abundance and money. I’ll be following the steps of how to use them – especially the belief part. Loving the examples too – didn’t know Denzel used affirmations to overcome his limiting beliefs.

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