Hey Friends!

My name is Nathan, the owner of The Comfort Money.

For the past 15 years I’ve worked as a welder in the engineering and construction industry. 

During the early years of my career I found it hugely enjoyable. I was building amazing structures whilst earning great money. 

I travelled around England working at huge oil refineries, power stations, chemical plants and even had a stint in Australia.

This all sounds rather great… but as the years passed, my passion for welding began to wane. I found myself working 70+ hour weeks including the weekends. 

I never had time for the things I truly enjoyed.

My job I once had a great passion for had become all consuming…

One day I looked around my workshop and saw how worn-out all my older peers were. They all had health problems related to the job. 

Then it suddenly dawned on me…

I was staring at my very future.

Something had to change!

I decided I needed to plan my escape from my all consuming job.

Scouring the internet I discovered the power of passive income and investing

I became obsessed, I learnt just about everything you could on personal finance and how to grow your wealth

Money gives you freedom and choices.

It can allow you to walk away from a job you hate, spend more time with family and enjoy the things you love. 

Join me on the journey to financial comfort…

I will be sharing ways for you to

  • Stop trading your time for money by creating passive income
  • Create an emergency fund for life’s unexpected expenses.
  • Start investing to grow your money. 
  • Begin a successful side hustle to increase your income.

And much much more.