How To Make 30k a Month (7 Genuine Methods For 2024)

How to make 30k a month

Ever dreamt of making 30k a month? I know I have!

All of your money problems would simply disappear making that kind of money!

Well lucky for you I’m going to show you how to make 30k a month

Grab yourself a cuppa and let’s deep dive into the methods behind what it takes to make 30k a month.

What would 30k a month mean to you?

For me, it would mean more time spent with my family and having the time to pursue my hobbies and passions.

I would pay off my mortgage and start buying income-generating assets so I don’t have to worry about working for someone else. 

8 Realistic Ways To Make 30k A Month

1. High Paid Jobs 

How to make 30k a month

Believe it or not, people are making 30k a month through their jobs!

The key here is to work in an industry that pays well and then specialize in a certain area of that field. 

The industries that pay the most are as follows:

  • Finance Management 
  • Legal Services 
  • Data Science 
  • Sales And Marketing 
  • Healthcare
  • Data Science 

You might be thinking “I don’t work in any of these fields”. Don’t fear, you’re more than likely to already have transferable skills that you can use in the above industries. 

If want want to learn more about high income skills then check out my post on 10 high income skills for better earning potential.

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    2. Start A Low-Cost Business

    Owning and running your own business can be extremely rewarding. The satisfaction of calling something your own is amazing. 

    That being said, you’ve got to put the work in at the start. 

    Below I’ve listed 5 low-cost businesses that require sweat equity rather than a whole lot of money to get started.  

    Here are low-cost businesses with the potential for high profits: 

    • Virtual Assistant
    • Event Planning 
    • Blogging 
    • Social Media Management 
    • Coaching 

    3. App Development 

    Hot make 30k a month

    Ok so developing an app is quite the task, but it can certainly make you 30k a month if you can pull it off!

    The most common way an app makes money is through the following:

    • Purchase Fee
    • Subscriptions 
    • Upsells
    • Advertising 
    • Selling The App 

    Popular apps that have sold or are currently making a lot of money:

    • WhatsApp (Sold to Meta for $19B)
    • Tinder ($1.79B Revenue)
    • Monster Strike ($491M Revenue)

    If you don’t have the skills to make an app you can hire freelance coders through Fiverr and UpWork.

    4. Group Coaching 

    Group coaching

    Coaching on a 1-1 basis is great, but coaching on a one-to-many basis, now that is where the true money is made.

    I know someone who charges $5,000 per person to teach people how to start a membership website that generates recurring income. 

    They coach 6 individuals over a month and they make $30,000 in the process for sharing their specialized knowledge. 

    Here are some group coaching ideas:

    • Balayage Hair Dressing Technique Tutorial
    • Life Coaching To Design Your Dream Life
    • Blog Building To Create Passive Income   
    • Leadership Skills For Better Productivity

    5. Commissions And Bonuses 

    The commissions and bonuses that are paid to employees can be eye-watering. 

    A report by the Telegraph said that the average bonus paid in 2023 was £18,000.

    The top two industries for commissions and bonuses:

    • Finance 
    • Insurance

    Commissions and bonuses are paid to employees once they reach certain milestones in their contracts.

    For example, if you work in sales, your contract might have a bonus payment once you reach 100 clients.

    Another example is you may have a 70/30 split with your salary being 70% and 30% being your commission. 

    Providing you had the necessary experience and expertise this could certainly be how you can make 30k a month. 

    6. Corporate Workshops 

    Companies are willing to pay a premium for workshops that can help their workforce work better as a team or gain knowledge in a particular area.

    • Conflict resolution 
    • Cybersecurity 
    • Customer service excellence 
    • The art of storytelling 
    • Personal finance and investing 

    Prices for workshops do vary. Some start as low as $50 a person and some go for $1000+ a person. 

    You can see with the numbers above how making 30k a month could be quite realistic.

    If you were to charge the upper end of $1000 a person and had 10 people in your workshop that’s $10,000. Do that 3 times a month and there’s $30,000.

    7. Blogging 

    How to make 30k a month fast UK

    Blogging has certainly come a long way since the days of a personal online diary. 

    Full-time bloggers are making 6 figures and more a year. 

    They do this by writing SEO-optimized content that gets their content on the first page of Google. This then leads to huge amounts of traffic (people) reading their articles. 

    Common ways blogs make money from their traffic:

    • Advertising 
    • Affiliate Marketing 
    • Sponsored Posts 
    • Digital Products
    • Services 

    So if you’re a keen writer and aren’t afraid of a little bit of tech, then this is how to make 30k a month online.

    If you want to learn more about how to make money blogging, then check out my blog post on how to make a blog and make money


    How To Make 30k A Month Without A Job?

    Making 30k a month without a job requires you to think outside of the box. 

    • App Development 
    • Blogging 
    • Real Estate Flipping
    • Real Estate Rentals 
    • Group Coaching 
    • Trading (High Risk)

    App development, real estate flipping, real estate rentals and trading all require quite a bit of capital to make 30k a month without a job. 

    Group coaching and blogging are inexpensive. These will require sweat equity instead of money if you don’t have money to begin with. 

    How To Make 30k A Month From Home?

    The most realistic way to make 30k a month from home would the with the following ideas:

    • Blogging 
    • Group Coaching 

    Blogging requires an internet connection and group coaching needs a video call platform. These can both be done at home.

    Needless to say both of these will take time and effort to start earning 30k a month. 

    Group coaching requires marketing efforts to get yourself out there and people to know what you do.

    Blogging requires the time to write content and build your domain authority. 

    Jobs That Make 30,000 A Month?

    Jobs that make 30,000 a month:

    • Luxury Item Sales
    • Stock Market Traders 
    • Hedge Fund Managers
    • Chief Financial Officer 
    • Medical Device Sales  
    • High-End Realtors 

    All of these jobs have the potential for you to make 30,000 a month. 

    These jobs either pay a very high base salary or have a way to earn lots of bonuses or commissions. 

    How To Make 30k In 3 Months?

    Group coaching and corporate workshops are the best ways to make 30k in 3 months.

    Both of these methods allow you to charge on a one-to-many basis and not a 1-1 basis. 

    Here are the raw numbers on how you can make 30k in 3 months…

    You charge 10 people $250 each for group coaching, which equals $2500.

    Repeat this for 3 months and you have $30,000.

    How To Make 30k Fast UK?

    To make 30k fast in the UK you could sell investments or high-value items you already own. 

    If you do not own anything of value you may be able to get a business loan. Banks have strict guidelines that go with any type of borrowing money, so always do your research.

    Angel investing might be another option you should consider. Angel investors will give you the money you need in return for a portion of your company.

    Consider group coaching and corporate workshops also. Both of these methods are highly lucrative as you can charge on a one-to-many basis rather than a one-to-me basis. 

    Are You Ready To Make 30k A Month?

    Now I’ve given you the ideas. It’s down to you to make it happen.

    Plan in detail how you’re going to achieve your goal of making 30k a month. 

    Use the SMART framework so you have deadlines to work towards!

    Most importantly, try and fail, but fail better each time until you succeed. 

    do what you love

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