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The Best Money Gift Ideas – 40+ Thoughtful Ways To Gift Cash

Tissue box with money inside

Are you looking for the best money gift ideas or a creative way to give cash?

I know what you’re thinking… you want to give someone cash as a gift, but you don’t want it to come across that you’ve not put any thought into your gift idea.

Don’t worry, we’ve all been there!

Down below I’ve listed 40+ creative money gift ideas to make sure the person you’re gifting has no bad reactions. 

Pizza box with some dough

Money gift idea pizza box
Source: Pinterest

This pizza box Money gift idea is pretty humorous. The play of words made me chuckle!

You can create this gift idea yourself after you’ve finished a pizza. Just make sure the pizza box is clean after you’ve eaten the pizza, nobody likes greasy money with tomato purée on it…

Money puzzle box holder gift

Money git ideas

First, on the list, we have the money puzzle box holder gift. I would personally love to receive cash in a puzzle!

If the person you’re giving money to loves a puzzle, then this would be an ideal way to give money to them.

The idea is to put the money in the middle of the box and then they would have to complete the puzzle to receive the cash. They’ve gotta work for their money here!

Shirt with money tie 

Money gift ideas
Source: Pinterest

Now it’s time for a clothing-themed way to gift money. This is a two-in-one present, they’ll receive a nice new shirt and money in the form of a tie.

Money shirt with pennies 

Money gift ideas
Source: Pinterest

Who knew you could buy a money shirt? I certainly didn’t!

Although it’s not wearable, this money shirt is a great gift idea for someone who likes to look a million dollars! They can simply buy their clothing with this money shirt.

Sneak cash inside Starbucks tumbler (mug)

Money gift ideas

Caffeine and cash, this is my kind of present!

This is an easy money gift idea to create! You simply buy a mug suited to the person you’re gifting and then pop the money in it.

You could even put a gift card for their favourite coffee shop inside.

McDonald’s money French fries

Now this creative way to gift money is for all the fast food lovers out there.

Just like the pizza box gift idea, be sure the French fry box is cleaned before you stash your money in it… if you don’t then the money might not be the only thing that gets salty. 

McDonald’s money combo 

Ok, if you want to go one step further with the McDonald’s theme then let’s make it a cash meal deal!

You could stash cash in the fries box, the burger box and the bag. 

This is a super fun way to gift money and I’m sure you’ll have the recipient saying “I lovin it”

Money rosette playdough gift idea

1st prize goes to this money rosette.

This is a great money gift idea for someone’s graduation as they’ll be celebrating their hard work and accomplishment. 

Play dough money gift idea 

Play dough money gift idea

Here’s a play-on-words money gift idea for kids!

This is sure to get a laugh out of the adults when gifting this play “dough” to a child. 

Piggy bank filled with money inside 

Piggy Bank

Now why not use this idea to give someone a head start on their savings journey?

Simply buy a piggy bank and fill it with coins and/or cash of your choice. 

Not only is this a thoughtful way of giving cash it’s also practical. It certainly beats the generic way of slipping it into a card.

Sweets wrapped in money 

Does the person you’re gifting have a sweet tooth? This might just be the best money gift idea for them!

Simply buy their favourite sweets, wrap a thin piece of cardboard around them, then a money note and finish it off with a bow to hold it in place.

This is a two-in-one present that a sweet lover would be happy to receive.

Put money inside a new pair of socks 

This is the present I buy my dad every year. He’s the hardest person to buy for!

This is a pretty boring present alone, but you could jazz it up by putting some crisp money into the socks.

They’ll be totally surprised when they find the money!

Pull money out of a tissue box gift idea

Tissue box with money inside

Wipe away those tears of joy with this tissue box filled with money!

This funny way to gift money is easy to make as well, simply grab an old tissue box and pop the notes in.

The gift of an investment (the gift that keeps on giving)

Now this is my kinda gift. Money that might just grow into more money…

Let’s be clear, I’m not in any way giving financial advice here, but you could buy someone a stock or financial asset of your choice and get their investment journey started.

Or if they’re already an investor, this could be a nice addition to their portfolio. 

Instead of buying that new iPhone, they would end up with an Apple stock, the choice is yours!

Check out my blog post about investing here.

The gift of blogging

start a blog

Now did you know you can make money from blogging? I thought that blogging was for people to have an online diary to share their thoughts.

Well in fact people are making 6 figures and above by simply writing online and monetising traffic from Google. 

Mind-blowing isn’t it? 

So why not get the person you’re gifting a domain name or a year’s hosting? It’s super affordable and might just turn into a business venture that changes their life!

The Lucky Money Tree gift card cash holder

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees?

With this money tree holder, you can make the old saying come true.

Simply stash gift cards or cash onto this money tree and watch your recipient’s eyes light up and the green leaves of the money tree.

Pound note origami 

Ok, this is a super creative/crafty way of giving cash.

You can fold money in basically anything you want. How about their favourite animal? Or if it’s a close person you could fold a beautiful rose.

What you fold your money into is your choice, but get creative and think of the person. They’ll love that you’ve got creative rather than simply handing over the notes.

DIY soft drink tower money idea 

If you’re looking for a fun way to give money as a gift then this soft drink money tree idea is sure to keep them sweet!

Simply stack their favourite soft drinks in a tower and tie some ribbon around the cans. Stash as much cash as you want. Or slide some gift cards in between!

Money and gift card basket 

You may have seen baskets filled with little presents at celebrations such as baby showers, weddings or graduations… Why not create your own?

More often than not these baskets are filled with presents that nobody ever uses.

By creating your own, you could fill it with little presents they will use! In the basket, you could intertwine cash or gift cards.

This is a super way to give cash as a gift if you tailor the basket to what the person likes. 

Slip money and gift cards into a deck of cards idea

Gambling is a game of luck, more often than not the house always wins… but with this deck of cards, they’ll be smiling with money joy!

Sliding money or gift cards in between a deck of cards is an ingenious way to give money if they’re into card games or gambling.

Money birthday cake idea

Mmmmmmm money cake! 

I think this has to be a personal favourite of mine. Just look at how amazing it looks!

If you’ve got the patience to roll the bank notes up, you could make this money cake and I’m sure whoever receives it will be overjoyed at the effort you went to make it.

Money shirt gift idea 

Who said you can’t buy style? With this money shirt, you can! 

This is a great gift for someone who likes to look good, I’m sure they’ll see the funny side to it.

DIY money wreath gift 

Now this wreath can be gifted at Christmas, graduations or birthdays.

If you’ve got the patience to roll up some banknotes like the other money gift ideas, this is a crafty way to impress the person you’re gifting. 

Book of money gift 

Buying someone a book that they can get stuck into and then finding money inside is an ingenious idea!

This is an ideal money gift idea for bookworms.

You could even fold the money and make a bookmark!

Creative ways to give money inside balloons

Balloons are a must-have at parties! Why not put money inside the balloons to take them to the next level?

This simple idea can put a nice spin on any party. 

The only issue is getting the money out. If they don’t mind the loud bang when they pop a balloon to get the money you’re on to a winter with this idea.

Emergency cash photo

You’ve probably seen the “break glass in emergency” to sound an alarm. Now you can give cash with this emergency cash photo!

You never know when you might need some quick cash. With this present, they can simply break the glass and use that money in an emergency. 

DIY money origami graduation caps 

Grads are known for not being in the best financial shape after graduation. Why not help them out with these Origami graduation hats? 

This is a creative way to stay on theme whilst giving them the gift of money.

Photo album with money 

Here is another two-in-one money gift idea!

This photo album is a perfect money gift idea for someone who enjoys keeping a family album or it could double up as a collector’s folder.

Either way, they’ll be super happy with the money when they open it.

DIY money tree gift idea

Who said money doesn’t grow on trees?

This detailed money tree could be a thoughtful way to give money to someone who enjoys plants.

You could even put coins in the middle of the flowers to take it to the next level!

Hidden money inside jar gift idea 

Now this is a super versatile money gift idea that you can create for any occasion.

Design your jar with their favourite sweets and decorate the outside with paper balloons for a birthday. Or if it’s a baby shower, maybe put a dummy at the bottom?

The choice is yours, just don’t forget to put the money in the jar!

Graduation gift with money in a jar 

Here’s another jar-themed money gift idea especially designed for a graduation.

These cute little hats with the money rolled up inside the jar would be an ideal present that they’ll be sure to appreciate.

Money clip wallet gift

Look no further if you’re looking for a present for a man.

This money clip is super sleek.

They’ll love you even more when you slide a gift card or some money inside! 

Surprise money bath bomb 

A bath bomb alone is a lovely relaxation… Finding money once it’s dissolved is priceless!

You can give these for practically any occasion. Birthdays, Mother’s Day, and Baby Showers just to name a few.

Relaxing riches are waiting for the person you give these bath bombs to!

Cash-filled tissue box 

You might get a few strange looks when they rip open the wrapping paper to reveal a tissue box.

I’m sure those looks will turn to smiles when they see that you’ve put money inside instead of tissues! 

Connect your banknotes with tape, but be sure to tell them not to pull tightly, we don’t want the money to rip! 

Emergency cash first aid kit

Here’s another idea that might get a few odd looks!

Once they open the first aid bag they’ll be restored to full health with this emergency first aid kit money gift idea.

Awesome ways to gift money at Christmas 

I hope the above ideas have given you some inspiration on how to give money as a gift. 

Next, I wanted to give you some awesome ways to give money as a gift for Christmas.

DIY Christmas envelopes 

These Christmas envelopes are a super fun way to give money as a present to the young ones in your life.

If you’re handy with a pair of scissors, get creative and make one of the designs above!

DIY money bouquets 

Flowers are a lovely present to give on any occasion, but money flowers will be an added extra and will leave them super surprised!

Get folding and recreate this money bouquet. Add some red and green to make it Christmassy and this will be a lovely festive present.

DIY Origami Christmas tree cash gift 

Origami dollar bill Christmas tree

Christmas trees made out of money? Yep, that’s right.

Get folding again as this money gift idea is all about folding banknotes. 

The amount you fold is up to you. £5, £10, or even £20.

Follow this video to make your very own DIY Christmas tree.

Creative cash gift inside Christmas ornament 

These clear baubles are great for stashing with cash and giving the gift of money. 

You could give them straight to the person you’re gifting or put a label on them and hang them on your Christmas tree. 

Surprise cash hidden inside Christmas chocolate box 

Here’s a money gift idea for all the chocolate lovers out there!

You can fill the box with coins and banknotes. Twirl the notes to make a shell or fold them into little squares for more common chocolate. 

This is also a handy idea if you need to get a present sorted quickly!

Reindeer holding money 

This cute little reindeer with a nice little bow made out of money would be appreciated by anyone.

It’s a simple yet thoughtful idea and they can keep the reindeer as decoration!

Christmas money wreath 

Now, this is a super impressive money gift idea. 

Once you’ve mastered folding one wreath triangle you simply repeat and slide into one another. 

Decorate with a bow or add whatever Christmas decorations you feel.

This Christmas money wreath is almost too good to dismantle and spend the money! 

It’s sure to be a present to remember whoever receives it!

FAQ’s for thoughtful and imaginative ways to gift money 

I hope you’ve managed to get some inspiration for thoughtfully gifting money. 

Whatever the occasion there’s an idea for everyone.

I’ve answered a few more popular questions about the topic below.

What is a nice way to give money?

A nice way to give money depends on the person you’re gifting. 

Think about what they like and get creative. 

To make it truly thoughtful, think about what the person and what they like or the occasion you’re gifting for and incorporate this into how you’re going to give them money.

So for example if they like chocolate. Then go with the chocolate box idea. Or maybe it’s a birthday, so then use the money in a balloon idea.

This will point out you’ve thought about the person and will be a nice way to give them money. 

What to do when gifting money?

When giving money as a present you may be a little apprehensive.

There’s no need to worry if you’ve put enough thought into the gift. 

Be confident when handing over your gift. Your nerves will be for nothing when you see their smile!

How do you wrap money for a birthday gift?

You could wrap money around their favourite chocolate bar or simply tie a bow around the bank notes.

Or you could get creative and try one of the money origami ideas I’ve listed above! 

Final thoughts 

I hope I’ve demonstrated that giving cash doesn’t always have to come across as though you haven’t put any thought into it.

Giving money is quite a good option as sometimes we don’t know what to give someone.

This way they can get what they truly want. 

As long as you don’t just slip it into a brown envelope or simply slide it into a card!

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