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How To Make £2000 A Week (11 Tried And Tested Ways)

How to make £2000 a week

So, you want to know how to make £2000 a week

I completely understand, £2000 would be an ideal amount to make every week. 

You might want to pay off debt, pay down your mortgage or reach financial freedom quickly.

Whilst this may seem far-fetched, people are making £2000 and more weekly.

I’ve listed 12 tried and tested ways to make £2000 a week. 

1. Coaching 

How to make £2000 week

Are you an expert or maybe you have several years of experience in your field?

If so then you could make £2000 a week by coaching people to reach the level you’re at.

Whether you’re a music teacher, money coach or yoga instructor. You can coach!

With the likes of Zoom, you can coach from the comfort of your own home.

To get started coaching you’ll need people to find you. I would suggest setting up a small website consisting of a home page, an about page, a services page and a contact page. 

If you’re not a technical person then use or to get someone to do this for you.

Now, get busy marketing your services! Utilize social media for content marketing or get physical with leaflets telling people about what you offer. 

The secret to a great coaching business is having self-belief and confidence in your abilities!

2. Rental Income

How to make £2000 a week

Property investing requires a lump of money to begin. 

The two main ways to make the most cash flow from property are the following two:

Serviced accommodation – B&B style accommodation where guests rent out rooms or whole properties on a day-to-day or week-to-week basis. 

HMO –  Students and working professionals rent out rooms in the property for academic years or a monthly term. 

Depending on your property strategy this is how to make £2000 a week. 

Be aware though as these property investing strategies are not for the faint of heart. 

They both require a hands-on approach. Serviced accommodation requires almost everything a B&B requires and with a HMO you’ll be dealing with tenant disputes, rent collection and ensuring a harmonious living environment. 

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    3. High Paid Jobs

    Below are 10 high-paid jobs that pay £2000+ a week:

    1. Software Engineer
    2. Sales Executive 
    3. Project Manager 
    4. Process Operator 
    5. Chief Financial Officer (CFO)

    Admittedly all of these require a certain level of experience and even degrees. Yet, these 5 jobs are how you can make £2000 a week.

    4. Start A Niche Blog 

    start a blog

    Bloggers are making serious money. Way more than £2000 a week.

    Here are the 4 main ways bloggers make money:

    The game with blogging aims to get traffic to your blog.

    This comes in the form of writing and publishing high-quality SEO-optimized articles so they end up on the first page of Google.

    The highest-paying blogging niches are:

    • Personal Finance and Investing 
    • Parenting 
    • Make Money Online 
    • Tech
    • Travel 
    • Food 

    If you’re able to build a blog from one of these niches and publish 100+ well-written articles, then this is another option on how to make £2000 a week. 

    I talk in more depth about exactly how to make money blogging in this article.

    5. Freelance Consulting

    The role of a consultant is to give advice and find solutions to a problem a company or person is having.

    They do this by obtaining facts and data from the company and looking into their industry.

    Once all the research and analysis is complete a plan of action is then given to the company on the problem or opportunity they’re facing.

    Freelance consultants can earn between £50,000 and £200,000 a year depending on their experience and reputation.

    6. YouTube

    how to make £2000 a week

    YouTubers are making a lot less than £2000 a week and some are making a lot more than £2000.

    Let’s explore how to make £2000 and above.

    The most common way to make money through YouTube is through ads.

    YouTube requires your channel to have 1000 subscribers and 4000 hours of watch time in a year to get accepted into the YouTube partner program.

    Making money with advertising is probably the least lucrative way to make money with YouTube.

    Here are 3 other popular methods to make money from YouTube: 

    The aim of the game is to get views on your videos. 

    The more views and people you get watching your videos will equate to more affiliate income and digital product sales. Eventually, companies will get in contact for sponsored videos.

    If you combine all 4 methods that’s how you can make £2000 a week from YouTube.

    7. Influencer

    How to make £200 online

    Influencers get a bad reputation, but we all have some influence in our lives.

    For example, you may be good at football or have a skill using computers. If someone sees that you’re good at something you may influence them to change how they do the same task. 

    A more simple example is that if you’re a parent, your actions will influence your child. Whether it’s through your words or actions, you’ll often find them copying you!

    Social media Influencers are the same. The way they grab your attention is through one or a mix of the following:

    • Solving a problem 
    • Entertainment 
    • Relatability

    By gaining your following and loyalty influencers then make money in these different ways:

    The only downside is that you have to create a fair amount of content to get the “Know, like and trust” factor. But hey! That’s all part of the influencer journey.

    If you’re not afraid of becoming an influencer, then this could be how to make £2000 a week. 

    8. Build And Monetise An Audience 

    Building an audience can be very lucrative. 

    Social media has allowed anybody to build an audience. 

    You may ask “How do you build an audience?”

    Well, it’s all about creating problem-solving content and developing trustworthiness with your audience. 

    By consistently posting and showing that you’re a real person you’ll be able to develop a relationship with your audience and in return will be able to sell to them.

    A key part to selling is to get your audience onto an email list. This way you’ll own your audience and speak to them directly. 

    This method on how to make £2000 a week is for those who are social media savvy and can be consistent at content creation. 

    9. Create A Membership Site 

    Recurring monthly income, sounds good right?

    Well, this is the possibility when you own a membership site. 

    Do you have a Netflix subscription? Well, that’s a membership.

    Amazon Prime? Yep! That’s a membership too.

    You may ask, but what can I offer for my membership site? Well, there are membership sites that offer educational content about a specific topic. 

    You can use your existing knowledge to tailor your unique membership site. 

    Here are sites that already exist:

    There’s a membership site for practically anything, so don’t think you haven’t got any skills worth monetising. 

    Creating premium content and charging a monthly membership fee could be how you make £2000 a week.

    10. Find A Second Job

    How to make £200 a week on the side

    2 incomes are better than one, right?

    If you have the time then why not get a second job? 

    Common second or part-time work might consist of the following:

    • Taxiing (Uber) 
    • Bar work
    • Delivering food (UberEats or Deliveroo)
    • Seasonal work
    • Delivering parcels (Amazon Flex)

    These are second/part-time jobs that are flexible. 

    You could consider doing your day job on a freelance basis in your spare time. 

    These can certainly help towards earning your target of £2000 a week.

    11. Ask For A Pay Rise

    One of the simplest ways to make £2000 a week would be to ask for a pay rise.

    This could significantly boost your income!

    The best way to ask for a raise is to detail what you bring to the company and why you deserve a raise. 

    Giving your boss reasons as to why you deserve a raise will work ten times better than just simply asking for one.


    How Can I Make £2000 Fast UK?

    The fastest way to make £2000 fast would be one or a combination of the following:

    • Sell an item that worth £2000
    • Get a second job
    • Ask for a pay rise 
    • Rob a bank (just kidding)

    How Can I Get £2000 now?

    OK, you need £2000 right now. The very first option I would recommend is to dip into your savings or your emergency fund.

    I know this will be hard to swallow if your savings are for a holiday or maybe it’s going towards a house deposit. Nevertheless, in times of need, this is what your emergency fund is for.

    As for your savings, you can always build it back up. After you take the £2000 out, set a standing order up and put the money back each month. Your £2000 will be back within 10 months.

    Credit card 

    If you’ve got no savings or emergency fund, (you should try to build one in the future) then the next option is a 0% credit card. 

    0% credit cards allow you to spend the maximum allowance without paying a penny in interest. The catch? The interest is catapulted up to an average of 26% after the fixed period ends.

    So please please pay it off within the fixed period. 

    How Can I Make £2000 Online?

    To make £2000 online you should consider the 5 options below.

    1. Coaching 
    2. Blogging 
    3. Influencer 
    4. Build And Monetise An Audience 
    5. Membership site 

    The fastest way to make money online is coaching. 

    Here’s the 3 step blueprint to get started:

    1. Offer free coaching to get testimonials (use family, friends and colleagues to get started)
    2. Build or get someone to create a basic website with the testimonials and your offerings.
    3. Create a social media page and post consistent content to market yourself.

    After a little while you should see people messaging you with questions. This is a great sign as you’re beginning to become an authority.

    It won’t take too much longer after this to start getting clients through social media.

    Be mindful that this won’t happen overnight, but I believe this is the fastest way to make £2000 online. 

    How Can I Make £2000 A Week From Home?

    Here are 4 ideas in addition to the ideas I’ve mentioned above:

    • Launch a low-priced ebook for many people 
    • Teach a cohort course to many people 
    • Offer high-ticket group coaching 
    • Write sponsored blog content 

    These ideas will take time to make £2000 a week from home. 

    Creating an audience can be extremely powerful and growing one will allow you to make £2000 a week from home using the methods above.

    How Can I Make £2000 A Month?

    Making £2000 isn’t as hard as you may think. 

    On top of the ideas, I’ve mentioned above. Here are 8 ways you can make £2000 a month:

    • Flipping (buying undervalued items and selling them for a profit)
    • Learn a trade e.g. plumbing, electrician, carpentry.
    • Start selling homemade gifts on Etsy
    • Freelance on Fiverr or Upwork
    • Become a Virtual Assistant
    • Personal training
    • Start a food stall
    • Transcribing

    There’s something for everyone on the list above!

    Some will require a little more effort than others and maybe even training/qualifications such as learning a trade and personal training. Yet, I believe if you combine or dial in on one idea that’s how you can make £2000 a month.

    How Can I Make £2000 Now?

    If you haven’t got an emergency fund or any savings, then a 0% credit card is how you make/get £2000 now.


    Well, there you have it. I hope this post has given you some inspiration on how to make £2000 a week. 

    Each one of these ideas will require effort and consistency. On top of that, you may even need to learn a new skill, which means having an open mind and getting out of your comfort zone.

    Now it’s over to you. Pick an idea from the list above that resonates with you the most and give it all you’ve got!

    I wish you every success and hope you can make the £2000 a month you deserve.

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