31 Tried And Tested Fitness Side Hustles For Extra Income

Okay, so you’re looking to earn some extra money with a fitness side hustle. 

Look no further as we’ve done some extensive research and below is a list of 31 in-depth ideas to get some money in your back pocket.

From refereeing sports games to virtual dance classes, there’s something for everyone. 

fitness side hustle

Personal Training 

Potential Income: $75hr +

Ok so you’re going to need to get qualified to start personal training on the side, but once you have the right qualifications you can earn some serious money.

To start getting clients, consider working at your local gym and starting conversations with members to drum up some interest. 

An alternative option is to start a social media page and build a following showing off your knowledge and workouts. 

Tip: Once you have your first customers and they have had some good results from you, use some before and after shots with a reference.

Transformations are one of the best ways to get customers queuing for your services. 

Virtual Classes 

Potential Income: $10-$15 per class

To kick us off we have virtual classes. This can be a pretty lucrative fitness side hustle because if you’re charging $10 per person and you have 100 people in your class… you’ll be making $1000 per class! 

Running a virtual class has never been easier. With the likes of Zoom, Zype and MindBody you can stream your fitness class straight from your home or studio. 

Dance, Boxing, HIIT, Pilates whatever you specialize in you can stream. 

Sports Coaching  

Income Potential: Varies on sport and level of training

This could be the best fitness side hustle if you enjoy working 1-2-1 with clients and get great satisfaction from helping others get better at a sport. 

Whether someone wants to get a faster time running 5km or needs help with their tennis serve, you could earn money coaching them to achieve their goals.

The main value your client will get from your coaching is:

  • Accountability 
  • Tailored Guidance 
  • Feedback 
  • Motivation

To attract clients to your coaching services consider offering free workshops or sessions. This can help showcase your skills and build trust before they commit.

Another great way is to show the results of previous clients, testimonials are golden in convincing clients you’re the real deal and have a proven track record.

The amount you get paid depends on your certification and the area of sport you coach. Youth-level coaching will generally pay less but can be hugely rewarding. 

fitness side hustle

Fitness Blog 

Potential Income: $1-$100,000+ month

How could I not talk about blogging when you’re reading mine right now?

Blogging can be a great way of making money, certain niches are more lucrative than others. Luckily for you, fitness is one of those. 

By writing articles about what people are searching for on the internet you can drive traffic (people) to your website. 

Here are the 4 main ways of monetising your blog:

  • Advertising 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Selling Digital Products 
  • Sponsored Content

In my opinion, the most lucrative way to make money from your fitness blog is affiliate marketing. 

This is when you write an article or review on a product, you leave an affiliate link in the article and if somebody buys the product by clicking on your link, then you make a commission from the sale. 

Sell Meal Plans 

Income Potential: $50-$200 per plan 

It’s a common problem, you get home from the gym and you haven’t got a clue of what to cook, or you’ve been going to the gym for a while but you’re not seeing any results. 

More often than not it’s because your portion control isn’t correct or your macros aren’t balanced right for your goals. 

This is where you come in! You could start selling meal plans so people can have the food decisions taken out of their hands and know what they’re cooking is right for their goals.

To drum up some interest in what you’re selling I would suggest posting visually appealing posts with the food from your meal plans. 

Once you have some customers who have had success with your plans, start posting some success stories, This shows people you’re the real deal!

This can be a valuable fitness side hustle as there’s an ever-growing demand for healthier living.

You can leverage the power of convenience and your passion for fitness to generate an income while you help people achieve their fitness goals.

fitness side hustle

Run CrossFit Classes

Income Potential:  $75-$225 per month/person

Are you into the gruelling workouts of CrossFit? How about teaching classes yourself?

CrossFit has grown tremendously since it came onto the scene in 2007. It boasts a 20% rise in traffic (people searching the internet) at the beginning of the year. 

You’ll need a level one trainer certification to start teaching. After you’re qualified it’s a good idea to take a closer look at how others teach their classes and how you can adopt your style of teaching.

If you’re going to take teaching your classes seriously then you’re going to need to create a business plan. Determine your class offering, pricing, location and marketing strategies.

The next step is to network and build relationships. Attend CrossFit events to connect with fellow coaches and athletes. This way you can get your name out there and possibly find clients that will want to take your classes.

Remember, coaching CrossFit is about helping people progress at their own pace whilst fostering a great sense of community and support. 

Fitness Influencer

Income Potential: $10-$100,000 + monthly

Influencers get a bad rap, but you can make some serious money if you’re dedicated. 

Starting a social media page and creating quality helpful content will get eyeballs to you. If you are consistent and ever-present on your page you’ll be able to create a loyal engaged audience which you can monetise.

The main revenue streams for an influencer are: 

  • Sponsored Posts
  • Memberships For Exclusive Content 
  • Affiliate Marketing 
  • Collaborations 
  • Coaching 
  • Meal Plans 
  • Exercise Plans 

If you’re just starting I would suggest creating content around pain points within the fitness industry. If you can solve these problems you’re sure to get followers.

The next tip is to be your true self, people aren’t stupid and being authentic online is crucial to building a strong following. Share your fitness journey, including your successes and challenges. 

Remember building a strong online presence will take time and effort. Find a healthy amount of time you can commit to becoming an influencer, it’s easy to overwork and become burnt out. 

This can be a great fitness side hustle that can leverage the power of social media and turn your passion for fitness into a great money-making venture.

fitness side hustle

Sell Workout Plans  

Income Potential: $50-$200+ per plan 

It’s a common problem, you turn up to the gym, you use a few machines and then have a run on the treadmill, and then you’re done. 

No plan = floating around the gym with no direction. 

Selling workout plans can be a great way of giving your clients direction and it will help them towards their goals.

You can charge by the week, month or a 12-week plan. 

To get started you can find clients at your local gym, through social media or advertise on freelance sites like Fiverr. 

Fitness YouTube Channel

Income Potential: $10-$100,000 + monthly

Starting a YouTube channel as a fitness side hustle can make you some great money.

However be warned, it will be hard at the start if you don’t have video editing skills and it won’t make you money straight off the bat.

To be a successful fitness YouTuber you’re going to need to make great content that is engaging, entertaining and solves people’s problems.  

At the start, the equipment won’t matter too much, but over time it would be wise to invest in better cameras, microphones and video editing software. 

Thumbnails are more important than people think for YouTube, it’s the moment when someone decides whether or not they’re going to watch a video.

To get people to click on your thumbnail make sure it’s eye-catching and the title is clearly what the video is about (not clickbait).

fitness side hustle

Fitness Podcast 

Income Potential: $10-$100,000 + monthly 

Can you talk about a sport for hours and hours? Well, creating a podcast could be just for you!

There’s a bit more than talking to the podcast guest or your host that makes a great podcast. 

Here are some things to consider when making a successful podcast:

  • Clear concept and focus 
  • Compelling content
  • Engaging hosts 
  • High-quality audio
  • Structured format 
  • Effective storytelling 
  • Varied pace and tone
  • Guests and interviews 
  • Consistency
  • Authenticity 

The biggest platforms with the largest audiences are YouTube, Spotify and Apple Podcasts. This is where listeners are looking for podcasts.

Referee Matches 

Income Potential: Depends on sport and level

How about refereeing as a fitness side hustle? The majority of competitive sports need a referee and it’s a great way to keep active.

You’ll most likely need to get trained and certified with the relevant associations or governing bodies. Completing these courses will give you the credibility to begin refereeing.

To get your first chance at referring it’s a good idea to join associations. They can provide you with ongoing education, details on rule changes and match opportunities. 

As a referee, you’ll need to be fair and decisive while under pressure. You’ll need to make sure the game flows and you will inevitably have to deal with some conflict in some sports, so consider that.

Whilst it can be a rewarding fitness side hustle, be prepared for the responsibility that comes with ensuring the integrity of the game. In other terms, it’s helpful to have thick skin. 

Buy And Resell Sporting Goods 

Income Potential: $10-$200+ per item

This fitness side hustle can make you quick money if you’ve got an eye for undervalued sporting goods being sold. 

Here are the steps to fast money reselling:

  1. Make an offer below the asking price (profit is made in the buying)
  2. Receive the item and make sure it’s in good condition.
  3. Take great pictures and list the item at a higher price.
  4. Wait for someone to offer you your desired price. 

It’s as easy as that. Be aware that some places will take a small cut like eBay, but you could easily sell it on Facebook Marketplace for free. 

Create A Course 

Income Potential: $30-$1000+ per course

Creating a course is a great way of packaging your knowledge into bite-size videos and selling it for a profit.

Firstly you’ll need to identify your niche within the fitness realm. 

Next research your target audience’s needs and preferences shaping your course content accordingly. 

You’re going to need a structured curriculum so it’s easy to follow. Instructional videos, written materials and interactive elements work best.

Platforms such as Udemy, Teachable or Coursera are great for selling your course as they have an existing audience looking for what you’re selling.

Selling it on your website is just as good. You’ll just have to market it so that people discover it.

Write A Ebook 

Income Potential: $5-$50+ per Ebook

Writing an E-book about a certain area of the fitness world can be a great way of making passive income.

I say passive income because you only have to write an E-book once and you can sell it an infinite amount of times. This is due to its digital nature as it can be stored online.

That being said you’ll need to get your Ebook in front of the right people to make sales, this is where the marketing comes in. 

If you have an existing audience this would help. If you don’t then Kindle Direct Publishing is a marketplace with the biggest audience of people looking for Ebooks.

Check out this list of the best digital products if you’re interested in making money from digital products.

Start a Fitness Membership Site 

Income Potential: $1-$200+ per member

Membership websites have grown in popularity. One of the most popular is Netflix.

You could create a fitness membership website using WordPress, Kajabi or Teachable to provide premium fitness content. This could include original content, videos, tutorials, fitness classes, recipes or audio files. 

Successful membership sites release continuous content to keep members engaged. They should also offer a tier system, each tier containing more value as the price increases. 

Setting up a membership site comes with a lot of upfront work. That being said, this online business model can be highly profitable as the revenue is predictable once you have an established loyal customer base.

Nutrition-Focused Cooking Classes

Income Potential: $80 per person

Have you ever heard of the 80/20 rule in fitness? It means that 80% of the results come from the food you eat and 20% comes from the workouts.

You could provide cooking classes to teach what you should be eating, the quantities and that healthy nutritious food doesn’t have to be bland! 

By providing this service you can be bettering people’s food choices as well as earning some good money on the side. 

Run Boot Camps

Income Potential: $35-$50+ per session 

Providing boot camps is a great way of bringing people together with a common goal. 

Boot camps are popular because they offer a structured way for people to work, this is why they’re especially helpful to people new to fitness.

To get started you’ll have to define your boot camp niche. Will it be general fitness, HIIT, or strength training? Now you know your niche you can plan your workouts.

Next, you’ll need to pick a location but be mindful of the legal considerations you may need to obtain a permit or license to run your boot camp. Check with your local authority or council.

Boot camps usually have equipment such as resistance bands, dumbbells and mats, you can progress onto more advanced equipment as your sessions become more popular. 

Now you’ll have to decide whether to price your boot camps monthly or per session. Look at competitors and see they’re pricing so you remain competitive.

Finally, it’s time to set a schedule for your boot camps and then start marketing. To drum up interest consider local advertising, leaflets, social media and word of mouth.

Parkour Training 

Income Potential: $40-$70+ per session

If you’re into Parkour then have you considered 1-2-1 sessions? Somebody out there might be looking to get to your level and you could train them. 

Parkour can be a dangerous sport if you fail a move. Make sure you teach your client the proper safety protocols.

For example:

  • Make time for a proper warm-up
  • Use protective gear (knee pads, elbow pads)
  • Emphasize controlled progress to avoid your client attempting any advanced moves prematurely.

These steps are essential for reducing the risk and practising safe parkour. 

That being said it can be hugely rewarding to see the progression and if it’s your passion, then this could be your perfect fitness side hustle!

Calisthenics Training 

Income Potential: $40-$70+ per session

Calisthenics is a niche sport that requires strength, precision and control.

It’s quite a sight to see someone perform the moves and techniques from callisthenics!

If you have a passion for fitness and have experience in the sport then you could train people on the side. 

It has grown in popularity within the last decade and there are now dedicated gyms just for calisthenics.   

To get started teaching Calisthenics you first need to determine who you’ll be teaching. Beginners or intermediates?

Next, you’ll need to find a location, will you use a local park or a dedicated gym? You could even teach classes online.

Now you’ll need to start marketing your calisthenics training. You can do this through social media advertising, posters at local community centres or spreading the word on forums.

Run Zumba Classes

Income Potential: $5-$25 per person

Have you got some hips that don’t lie? Forgive me for that awful opening :L

How about becoming a Zumba instructor? This fitness side hustle is great for people who have a passion for dancing but don’t have a professional background.

To become a certified Zumba instructor you just need to complete the Zumba Instructor Training (this can be done online).

Burning calories and having fun sounds good to me. Just remember staying consistent and having some great enthusiasm is at the core of running a successful Zumba class. 

As you refine your teaching skills and build a loyal clientele, your Zumba class can become a lucrative fulfilling side gig.

Swimming Lessons 

Income Potential: $5-$25 per person

Are you passionate about swimming? How about using your passion for swimming to teach others to swim or improve their abilities?

Teaching swimming lessons allows you to choose flexible hours that can fit around your existing commitments, whether that be mornings, evenings or weekends. 

To get started you’ll need the relevant qualifications. Look for recognised organizations to get the relevant certification. This will give you the credibility and the trust you need for swim coaching. 

Now, you’ll need to decide where to do your coaching. This may be a local pool or a private pool. Get to know the facilities and ask about how you can start your coaching.

By teaching others to swim you’ll be able to give them one of life’s essential skills whilst earning money at the same time. 

Senior Fitness Classes 

Income Potential: $5-$25 per person

Senior fitness classes could be a great idea for a fitness side hustle, as there’s an ageing population and many like to stay active. 

Here is a list of possible classes you could teach: 

  • Water Aerobics 
  • Pilates 
  • Chair Yoga
  • Dance Classes
  • Mindfulness and Meditation

All these are perfect for senior classes as they’re low-impact sports that focus on mobility, strength and balance. 

Starting a seniors fitness class can be very rewarding as you’re helping bring seniors together and improving/maintaining their health. 

Pre/Postnatal Fitness Classes

Income Potential: $5-$25 per person

How about offering fitness classes for new and expectant mothers to stay fit, embrace their changing bodies, foster community and prioritize their well-being?

You’re going to need the correct certification for teaching your prenatal and postnatal classes safely and with credibility. 

Marketing your classes to find your audience can be done through online forums, pregnancy centres or social media.

This can be a super rewarding fitness side hustle as your classes can help maintain their health, strength and well-being.

Corporate Wellness Programs 

Income Potential: $150-$2000 per employee

The corporate world is known for taking wellness breaks for their employees as it helps with team building, reduces stress and can improve productivity in the workplace. 

You could make a lot of money on the side if you market your wellness program for companies as some take the health of their employees seriously, and they also have a bigger budget than a single person. 

Here are some of the offerings from a corporate wellness program:

  • Health Screenings
  • Fitness Challenges
  • Nutrition Workshops
  • Mental Health Support
  • Wellness Challenges
  • Healthy Catering
  • Financial Planning

Providing these facilities would be a lot of hard work and require a lot of planning. 

Nevertheless, it can be done.

Hiking Guide 

Income Potential: $180-$10,000 per person 

The great outdoors is an amazing place to be. If you’ve got a passion for hiking and you’re a good leader then being a hiking guide could be the perfect fitness side hustle for you!

The role would consist of giving a safety briefing at the start, telling people what route you’ll be taking, you’ll need to set an appropriate pace, pointing out landmarks and beauty spots, giving encouragement and taking sufficient breaks.

Safety is also something you’ll have to factor in. Taking the relevant first aid training is essential in case the unforeseen happens.

Becoming a hiking guide as a side hustle can be done around your day job depending on your work hours. The price you’ll be looking to charge will depend on location and if there’s an overnight stay involved.

Overall this could be a fulfilling side hustle if you’re already a keen hiker and have an entrepreneurial spirit to take your passion to the next level and be a guide. 

Sports Massage Therapy

Income Potential: $50-$100 per hour

If you’re a gym goer then you’ll know the muscle aches you get from a heavy session. 

If you’ve ever had a deep tissue massage then you’ll know the relief this can give!

People need sports massage therapy for many different reasons. Muscle recovery, injury prevention, pain relief and many other reasons.

This could be a great fitness side hustle if you have the relevant expertise and qualifications. 

You’ll need to do market research to make sure your area has enough people to make sure your sports massage service will be popular.

Will you be a mobile service or have a permanent base? Once you’ve decided you’ll need to make it a calming relaxing ambiance for your clients.

Branding is key so that you stand out and have a clear message about who you’re serving. 

Marketing your business is the next step, creating leaflets and business cards are good ways of getting yourself out there and leaving your mark. 

Now you’re ready to start your sports massage fitness side hustle. 

Take into consideration the legal requirements you’ll need to start a business of this nature. 

Yoga Instructor 

Income Potential: $20 per person

If you’ve got a passion for yoga and are a good communicator then why not be at the front of the class instructing? Not only will this allow you to deepen your practice, but it will allow you to inspire others on their wellness journey!

Here are some steps you’ll need to consider on the path to becoming a yoga instructor:

  • Solidify your practice – become a master of your craft.
  • Obtain certifications – mandatory and gives credibility.
  • Define your niche – beginner, mindfulness, power yoga.
  • Create a business plan – goals, target market, pricing, marketing.
  • Build an online presence – a hub where people can see your offerings. 
  • Offer sample classes – try before you buy will give people a taste of your class.
  • Network and collab – This will expand your reach and build your reputation.
  • Stay consistent – will help you build a loyal following. 
  • Learn from feedback – learn and implement to improve client experience. 
  • Keep learning – keep developing to deepen your knowledge and skill.

These points will help you start a successful fitness side hustle as a yoga instructor. 

Remember creating a space where individuals can connect with their bodies, minds and spirits is what stands out from the basic yoga classes to the best yoga classes.

Bear in mind it will take a lot of work and determination, but it’s possible and could be a great way to make some extra income from your passion. 

Photography For Fitness/Sports Events 

Income Potential: $100-$500 per event 

At every big sporting event, you’ll see cameras lined up taking photos of the event as it’s happening. Come to think of it, even local small events have photographers taking photos. 

This could be a great fitness side hustle if you’re a keen photographer and are passionate about sports. 

The main parts of making this a successful side gig are:

  • Quality camera – ideally a DSLR.  
  • Understand positioning for shots – anticipate crucial moments of the sport to capture the best shots.
  • Research events – Get to know the times, dates and locations of events.
  • Obtain necessary permissions – media passes or approvals may be needed.
  • Build a portfolio – Have a website with your previous work, this builds credibility. 
  • Set your pricing – base your prices on the number of photos, duration of the event or if any post-event processing is needed.
  • Find work – contact events to offer your services. 

Bear in mind that sporting events can happen during the week, evenings and weekends. 

So you’ll need to be flexible with when you can work as the events won’t be scheduled around your work commitments. 

Overall this can be a great side hustle and you’ll get into the event for free and you’ll make money from it. 

Mini Trampoline Classes (Rebounding)

Income Potential: $5-$25 per person

Now believe it or not Rebounding classes became popular back in the 80s due to their high-energy aerobic workouts. 

The exercise has made a big comeback thanks to celebs giving it a go. Why not research shows it builds strength, improves balance and supports bone health?

If you’ve never heard of this exercise before and you think it would look fun to teach, then I would consider going along to a few classes first to give it a try. 

Now you’ve dipped your toes in and feel It would be a great class to teach, then like all the other fitness classes in this list I would begin the following steps:

  • Build some good knowledge around the routines and moves.
  • Get the necessary qualifications to teach
  • Find a location to teach 
  • Invest in good quality, safe equipment
  • Get busy marketing 
  • Give trial classes
  • Develop safety guidelines for participants to follow 
  • Network 
  • Address legal requirements. Liability coverage and insurance 

This fitness side hustle would cost a fair bit to start due to the mini trampolines. Yet if you’re able to build a good loyal following, you’ll be able to get your money back in no time. 

The average price for a rebound class is $15 with monthly memberships making it better value. If you could get a fitness room full then you could be making a nice side income. 

Introducing Rebounding to your community could be the bounce they all need. 

Fitness Workshops For Schools Or Community Centres 

Income Potential: $500-$2000 per workshop 

How about taking your interest and expertise in the fitness industry and running workshops at local schools and community centres? 

You could make a meaningful impact on the well-being of the community around you whilst earning some side income at the same time. 

To not fail before you’ve even begun, a good idea is to research the needs and interests of the schools and community centres in your local area. There is no point going all in on a specific area of fitness when it’s not going to be of value to them.

Check what types of fitness workshops would be most beneficial and plan a variety of workshops that cater for different age groups and fitness levels. 

The other main areas to start a successful fitness workshop are:

  • Curriculum – This may include warm-up, exercises, cool-downs 
  • Safety and permissions – Consider necessary insurance and permissions  from schools and community centres 
  • Marketing and promotion – get the word out, use social media, flyers and posters. 
  • Feedback and improvement –  now implement improvements from the feedback. Give the people what they want. 

Fitness Freelance Writing 

Income Potential: $50-$500+ per article 

How about putting pen to paper and starting freelance writing as your fitness side hustle? 

With your specialized knowledge of the fitness industry you have an edge over others, so this could be a great fitness side hustle for you. 

Health and fitness are evergreen topics, which means there’s always a demand for fresh content.

The best way to get freelance writing gigs is to build a website to showcase some of your work. This way you’ll have a portfolio that potential clients can see.

Once you’ve got a portfolio it’s time to start networking with fitness freelance writers, bloggers, and influencers. This may lead to opportunities. 

Signing up for freelance platforms such as Upwork and Fiverr could also open doors to getting gigs.

What Are The Most Popular Fitness Side Hustles?

This will depend on the person and their interests, yet generally, the most popular fitness side hustles are:

  • Personal Training 
  • Online Coaching
  • Fitness Influencing
  • Group Fitness Classes
  • Nutrition Coaching 

Can You Make Good Money With A Fitness Side Hustle?

Yes, you really can make good money with a fitness side hustle. It does depend on which side hustle you decide to pursue though. 

Say for instance you’ll make more money in Personal Training than fitness blogging. This is because it takes a while to build content and your domain authority. 

After time passes and your blog is established you could be making 6 figures instead of the amount PT makes.

Do You Need Any Previous Experience To Start A Fitness Side Hustle?

Having previous experience will benefit you. It’s not a strict requirement to have the experience to start a fitness side hustle though. 

For example, if you’re going to teach a Zumba dance class then having previous experience knowing the steps to the dances would be a big help.

Nevertheless starting Fitness Influencing doesn’t require any former experience, you just need to have lots of enthusiasm and a drive to succeed. 

How Do You Get Started With A Fitness Side Hustle?

Here is a general roadmap on how to get started with a fitness side hustle:

1. Identify your niche

To identify your niche it’s a great idea to write down your passion and what your area of expertise is. This will give you an idea of what fitness side hustle to pursue.

2. Research and learn 

Deep dive to see if there are any certifications or special requirements you need for you to start your fitness side hustle. 

3. Set goals

Setting goals will keep you on track and progress your fitness side hustle. Having clearly defined goals to work towards will keep you focused on steps to make your fitness side hustle possible. 

4 .Build An Online Presence 

Building an online presence will help you stand out from the crowd and you’ll be able to reach more people than if you just had one gym to offer your services in. 

Get to work on building a website and social following and you’ll have an easier time getting clients.

5 .Decide On Pricing 

What are you going to charge? Ask fellow trainers to see what they’re charging, maybe start lower and then work your way up as you gather testimonials and feedback.

6 .Market Your Services 

Use your social following to market your services. Tell them what you’re offering and show before and after results if you’re working on a 1-2-1 basis. If your service is a class then post the people in your classes and how amazing they are. 

What Are The Pros And Cons Of Starting A Fitness Side Hustle?

Here are the pros and cons of a fitness side hustle:


  • Extra income 

A huge pro is that you’ll be making extra money to supplement your day job salary.

  • Flexibility 

You can choose your schedule and when you want to work around your day job.

  • Networking

Meeting new people and building valuable relationships.

  • Diversification

2 incomes are better than 1! Not having to rely on just one income will enhance your financial stability. 


  • Time Demand 

Time management can be stressful while balancing your time for your day job, social/family time and your side hustle. 

  • Certification  

Certain roles will need you to have certain certifications, this can be costly and time-consuming.

  • Burnout Risk  

There is a possibility of burnout if you do too much work alongside your day job. 

  • Competitive industry 

The fitness industry is very competitive. Lots of trainers have years of experience, so it may be hard to get work.


How to make 6 figures in fitness?

Making 6 figures in the fitness industry is no mean feat, but it’s possible.

Below I have listed 5 possible ways:

Scale Your Business

Hiring and training other coaches to work under your brand can multiply your income and help you reach 6 figures. 

By hiring more people it will allow you to take on more clients without sacrificing on quality. 

Online Coaching 

Offering online coaching services will allow you to reach more people as you’re not limited by location. 

If you’re able to get enough clients and begin selling your online coaching as a premium service you could eventually hit 6 figures.

Fitness YouTube Channel 

YouTubers are making serious money. The fitness niche is very competitive, nevertheless, you could make 6 figures from sponsored videos, affiliate marketing, selling your own products and ad revenue.

It takes a lot of hard work and consistency to create a successful YouTube channel, but it’s possible. 

Start A Fitness Blog

I used to think blogs were just written diaries that people wrote down their daily thoughts on… oh how wrong I was.

Bloggers are making not just 6 figures, but 7 figures a year. Yes, that’s right, 7 figures!

This can be done by writing high-quality content that is SEO-optimized. If you have enough quality content on your blog and Google likes it, then it can get lots of traffic, which in turn is where the money is made. 

  • Advertising
  • Affiliate Income
  • Selling Digital Products
  • Selling Your Coaching 

Check out these bloggers who are making 6 figures with their blogs.

Build A Fitness App

Now if you have the specialized coding skills to make a successful fitness app then you could make 6 figures. 

You could either keep the app and charge a fee for downloading it or sell the app once it becomes popular. 

To put into perspective the most expensive app sales:

  • Instagram $1 Billion
  • YouTube $1.5 Billion
  • WhatsApp $19.3 Billion

In comparison, the revenue made by a fitness app is MyFitnessPal with $11.93m.

Is It Worth Doing Personal Training On The Side As A Fitness Instructor?

Yes if you’re looking to earn extra income along the side of your fitness structure job then why not?

It’s flexible as you can choose when to work with your PT clients and you’ll be able to charge your clients a good hourly rate.

You’ll just have to be wary of burnout and getting enough rest for yourself. Make sure you take enough rest and have a healthy balance between your instructor role and PT sessions. 

Is A Fitness Instructor A Good Side Hustle?

Yes, being a fitness instructor on the side is a great side hustle.

It’s a great way to earn extra income and build relationships outside of your day job. 

You’ll just have to be mindful of when you can work outside of your day job though. 

How Can I Make A Lot Of Money In Fitness?

Here are 3 ways to make a lot of money in fitness:

  1. Build a brand a sell high-ticket fitness products 
  1. Create a large social media following and monetise your audience
  1. Become an expert in your area and charge a high rate for your services

Is 40 Too Old To Be A Fitness Instructor?

No, 40 isn’t too old to be a fitness instructor. 

Many people decide to transition into fitness instructors later in life as they’re fed up with corporate jobs and have more job satisfaction.

Having a fulfilling and meaningful job means more to people than the salary of a job they’re unhappy with.

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