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How to Make an Extra £1000 a Month – 11 Fool-Proof Ways (2024)

make an extra £1000 a month

So, you want to make an extra £1000 a month? Who can blame you!

Whether you need the money to pay bills, you’re saving for your next holiday or simply want to build a savings pot.

Having extra money can make life that little bit easier.

Making extra cash doesn’t need to be hard, you just have to get creative and sacrifice a little time (yes, the time spent watching Netflix and aimlessly scrolling social media).

Here’s How to Make an Extra £1000 a Month

1. Selling Items From Around The House

This can be a quick way of making money fast!

Have you ever heard of the saying…

“one man’s junk is another man’s treasure”

Well, it couldn’t be more true for selling items you no longer use or need.

You may have the very item someone is looking for collecting dust!

Most Profitable Item Categories:

  • Electronics (Phones, Laptops, TVs etc)
  • Designer Clothes
  • Furniture and Home Decor

The most popular places to sell these items are eBay, Facebook Marketplace and Gumtree.
To get a general idea of how much to sell your unused items for, simply check what others are selling the same item for and price it in the middle of the highest and lowest price.

2. Coaching and Consulting

The great thing about coaching and consulting is that you don’t have to have a degree or a qualification to start coaching others.

If you have expertise in a certain area or field and can solve people’s problems, then you can be a coach.

It’s pretty amazing because you probably have skills and knowledge that you use every day and you can monetise those exact skills and knowledge by teaching others!

  • In-demand areas of expertise:
  • Social Media
  • Parenting
  • Blogging
  • Marketing
  • Tech Troubleshooting

To start coaching and consulting you’re going to have to create a place where people can find you and the services you offer.

I recommend starting a website or a social media account to get yourself out there.

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    3. Reselling

    make an extra £1000 a month

    You can make money quickly by buying and selling items for a profit.

    Firstly you have to find items that are being sold for under market value.

    These can be found in charity shops, online marketplaces, garage/yard sales, car boot sales, and auctions.

    A great tip for buying items below market value is to make a low offer. Some may take offence to a low offer, but it isn’t against the law and all they can say is no.

    Once you have your purchases, list the items for a higher amount than what you bought them for.

    You can sell the items you bought the very same day. How amazing is that?

    Another tip is to take great photos of your items! Make sure your items are looking the best they possibly can!

    For example, if you’re reselling a phone, give it a good clean, and make sure it’s sparkling. Then take great photos with good natural light. It’s the little things that count!

    4. Become a Virtual Assistant

    Did you know some people are making £50 per hour working as a virtual assistant!?
    Crazy I know!

    A virtual assistant is somebody who works remotely to provide help and support to businesses by completing small tasks/jobs.

    These tasks/jobs can include:

    • Content creation
    • Bookkeeping
    • Admin
    • Customer service

    Theoretically, a virtual assistant can do anything an office employee can do.

    The way technology has evolved now allows you to do any office work from the comfort of your own home.

    To start making extra money as a Virtual Assistant I would recommend taking a course.

    Look for people who are already working as a VA and see if they have a course.

    Once you have some training about how to become a VA, you need to decide what service you’re going to offer.

    I would recommend offering services that you have experience in and are good at.

    Your next step would be to set out how much you’re going to charge. Have a look to see what other experienced VAs are charging to get a ballpark figure.

    As you’re starting I would price yourself lower and then as you gain experience you can raise your prices.

    Bonus Tip: If you want to stand out from the crowd, create a presence on social media of the work you can do. This will act as a portfolio of your previous work experience!

    How to make an extra £1000 a month UK

    5. Start a Blog

    How could I not mention a blog when you’re reading mine right now?

    Blogging is a great way to earn an extra £1000 a month. Some blogs are making upwards of six figures a month, which truly blows my mind!

    There are several ways in which you can make money from a blog:

    • Advertisements
    • Affiliate marketing
    • Digital products
    • Courses
    • Sponsored posts

    If you want to make money through blogging you need to write about what people are searching for on Google. This will bring people to your blog (traffic).

    Once you get enough people coming to your blog you can apply to ad networks and have display ads on your blog.

    Also if somebody purchases a product that you recommend through an affiliate link, then you will earn a commission from the sale.

    If you combine some of these monetisation methods then you can make an extra £1000 a month.

    6. Freelance Writing

    make an extra £1000 a month

    Have you either noticed that every great business has a website, blog and social media page?
    Well, businesses are looking for people to write content for them.

    This is where you come in. You can write content for these businesses and earn a good side income from doing it.

    A great way to stand out from the crowd is to create 3-5 articles showcasing a variety of different styles (list posts, long blog posts and a few medium-length posts). Then you can showcase this to potential clients.

    Finally, you need to start getting in contact with businesses that need your services.

    You’re going to get some knockbacks, but you need to get used to this.

    Persistence is key. Keep messaging and emailing companies and you will find some freelance writing gigs.

    Once you get some writing gigs and have a reputation, you’ll be making an extra £1000 a month in no time!

    7. Upcycling

    Remember what I said earlier about one man’s trash is another man’s treasure, well you can create a treasure by upcycling someone else’s trash!

    Upcycling is when you have something that is no longer in use, like a piece of furniture. Then you restore it to its former glory or even make a second use of it.

    You can turn old tyres into flower beds, scaffold boards into shelves or possibly turn an old tired cabinet into a bookcase.

    There are endless possibilities of what you can upcycle.

    To find items to upcycle you can look at your local waste management centres, online marketplaces and even garage/yard sales. Once you have your item, get creative and then sell them on online marketplaces.

    8. Start an Etsy Shop

    Did you know some people are making £5,000 a month on Etsy? I know it’s mind-blowing!

    Etsy is a platform that allows you to sell predominantly homemade and vintage products. These can range from personalized mugs to handmade greeting cards.

    To be a successful Etsy seller you need to make sure you’re going to sell a product that is in demand.
    One method to check what item is in demand is using the alphabet method.

    Type in each letter of the alphabet in the Etsy search bar and see what auto-suggested products pop up.

    9. Pet Sitting

    make an extra £1000 a month

    Are you an animal lover?

    Well, this way of making extra money could be made for you.

    Companies such as Pawshake let you pet sit for money.

    This is also a good opportunity for every animal lover out there who can’t own an animal to enjoy the happy sounds, adorable looks and gentle nudges of owning a pet.

    If you’re willing to provide pet boarding then you could 2x the money you make.

    10. Rent Out Your Parking Space

    In some areas, your car parking space can be worth big bucks!

    Just Park is a company where you can list your parking space and rent it out.

    If you don’t use your space or have multiple parking spaces, then why not rent it out?

    11. Delivery Driver

    I think most of us have had an Amazon parcel delivered to our house. We’ve also had a takeaway delivered.

    Why not give the delivery a go yourself?

    The more flexible option would be to work for Deliveroo or Ubereats. You can simply sign into the app and start making money on your schedule.

    Another option would be to deliver for your local takeaway. Although you will likely have to commit to some regular working shifts.

    The final delivery driver option would be to work for the likes of Amazon Flex and Hermes etc. These companies have options for freelance workers as well full-time contracts.

    If you do decide to start any delivery work, please make sure you have the correct car insurance as it’s likely you will need to upgrade it.


    Well there you go, that is 11 fool-proof ways on how to make an extra £1000 a month.
    You’ve taken the first step by researching.

    Now it’s time to experiment and take action.

    Don’t be afraid to fail, get outside of your comfort zone and give one of these ideas a try.

    FAQ’s About How To Make An Extra £1000 a Month

    Below I have written answers for related questions you may have on how to make an extra £1000 a month.

    How can I make £2000 a month?

    If you’re looking to make double the amount we’ve discussed, then you should consider the options below:


    If you’re good with Words, then I would highly suggest blogging!

    Although this method of making £2000 a month will take some time to get off the ground, It can become passive after a while and you won’t need to put as much work into your blog.

    Sell Digital Products

    The beauty of digital products is that you only have to make them once and you can sell them an infinite amount of times!

    They come in all different forms, from Ebooks to Digital Art, to Budgeting Spreadsheets and Courses.

    This method works very well If you have an existing audience.

    If selling digital products appeals to you and you can’t wait to start selling, then check out this free detailed guide I have put together on the best digital products to sell and how to market them.

    Click here to see it!


    If you know a particular subject then tutoring could be the best option for you.

    Parents are always looking for people to help their children get ahead in subjects!

    Labouring for a company

    Construction companies are always on the lookout for hard-working labourers.

    If you’ve got a strong work ethic and can handle some physical work, then labouring might just be the easiest way for you to make £1000.

    What are the easiest ways for you to make £1000?

    Ok, so you might not be willing to put in as much effort as my previous suggestions, so here are the easiest ways to make £1000.

    Drive an Uber

    Do you enjoy driving? Why not become an Uber driver?

    The work is flexible, so it can be done around another job and you get the chance to meet new people.

    A social job where you can earn money, that sounds pretty good to me!


    Now don’t get me wrong, cleaning isn’t the most glamorous job. 

    Nevertheless, If you’re happy to roll up your sleeves and use a bit of elbow grease, there’s money to be made.

    This is another physical job, but if you’re reliable and happy to put the effort in, cleaning can be a fairly easy way to make £1000.

    How can I make an extra £1000 a day?

    Now you’re talking! An extra £1000 a day is going to take some work. 

    You will need to have some very in-demand skills that have a high hourly rate. Here are some below:

    Public Speaking

    If you can inform, persuade and entertain, then public speaking might just be for you.

    It can pay extremely well and can advance your career or business to new levels.


    Technology is becoming more and more advanced, and people who can code are in high demand… with high demand comes high pay.

    At the point of writing this blog post, Coders are one of the highest-paid jobs.

    To make even more money as a Coder, consider working as a contractor.

    Wedding Photographer

    The average price of having your photos taken on your big day is £2000-£2500.

    “Wedding Season” runs from May-October and this is where the money is made. It can be very lucrative, but your weekends will have to be sacrificed.

    How can I make £10k in a week?

    To think that people are making £10k a week… It’s possible. Here are possible ways that you can:

    High Ticket Coaching

    Some people are happy to pay to achieve a substantial goal or transformation. 

    This type of coaching will rely on you being there to give support and guidance.

    If you have already achieved what your client wants and can provide a detailed step-by-step plan on how they can do the same, then you could make anywhere between £2000-£10000 for your coaching services.

    Sell a Valuable Possession (Watch, Gold, Jewellery, Car, Stocks)

    If you have a valuable possession and you want to make a lot of money fast, then pawn brokers, car dealers and online investment platforms can provide the liquid cash you need.

    This is probably the easiest way to make £1k in a day… providing you have the asset in the first place.

    Launch a Course to Many People

    Creating a course and selling it to multiple people can make you a lot of money.

    Having a pre-existing audience that knows, likes and trusts you is a major advantage when selling a course.

    This method of making 10k in a day is all about marketing. 

    Many course creators will allow you to join a “waiting list” before the course is created.

    The beauty of a waiting list is that it taps into our mental trigger of anticipation.

    Some creators will give you an insight into the creative process and let you have a sneak peek of the information before the course is released. 

    This will create excitement!

    Finally when the course is realized you can make £10k in a single day depending on the size and interest of your audience.

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